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Pap smear: What is it in Burmese?

Pap Smear: What is it in Burmese?
                                    Most women migrated to Australia under refugee and humanitarian ground would face this word, Pap smear, for the first time in life. This word has not been heard before when living in Burma because Pap smear test was rarely done and the test was not available to general public.
Unfortunately, the word 'Pap smear' has no equivalent vocabulary in Burmese lexicon. As a Burmese translator, I am wondering how we could translate the word into Burmese literally. In the absent of proper lexicon we need to look at the meaning of the term and probably have to coin a glossary in Burmese as much as possible to get its original meaning instead of direct rendering of its vocal sound in Burmese.
Pap smear is a procedure or a medical test to detect whether or not the risk of cancer cells are present at the cervix of the uterus of a woman. The procedure is straight forward using a speculum inserted into the vagina in order to open wide enough to collect a specimen of mucus around the cervix with the aid of a small brush. The specimen is then sent to the laboratory to have a microscopic examination. Every woman has to do this Pap smear test once in every two years in Australia.
Therefore, I would like to recommend the translation of the word 'Pap smear' would be, in consistent with its meaning, in Burmese: သားအိမ္ေခါင္းကင္ဆာစစ္ေဆးျခင္း

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