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Posted on 25 May, 2011 at 20:52 Certified PRO information can be viewed by clicking the following link:

Alternatively I have inserted the information here as it is written for your convenience. This information is the same as the one you are about to see when you click the above link.
What is the Certified PRO Network?
The Certified PRO Network is an initiative of the community, the purpose of which is to identify qualified translators in various language pairs, and provide them with the option of networking and collaborating in an environment consisting entirely of screened professionals. Those accepted into the network earn the " Certified PRO" title and seal, which may optionally be displayed in profile pages and elsewhere on or off the website.

What are the benefits of participating in the network?
Participating in the Certified PRO Network will provide a powerful new means for top professionals to distinguish themselves as such, through not only demonstration of their unique capabilities (in keeping with published industry standards), but also through peer/client/supplier review and, perhaps soon, verified track records. In time, this network will provide an easier way for top professionals and top companies to meet and do work, particularly when that work has to be done right and is paid accordingly. 

What are the requirements for getting certified?
Freelance translators
1.   Translation ability *
a. Competence in source
b. Competence in target
c. Research competence
d. Cultural competence
e. Technical competence

2.   Business reliability

3.   Good citizenship

1. Translation ability
A screening process has been developed in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the EN 15038 standard for quality in translation. For translators, various means are used to confirm the "competences" called for in EN 15038, including verification of credentials that applicants have earned from associations around the world, such as the American Translator Association (USA), the Chartered Institute of Linguists (UK). (Sample translation, peer/client review and other data may be considered in the review process, especially in language pairs and areas in which tested credentials may not be as readily accessible.)
2. Business reliability
The second requirement for admittance into the program is business reliability. This is assessed through a combination of peer review, client review and consideration of relevant data from the database. In the case of companies, track record both as a supplier and as a buyer may be considered. Once admitted to the program, participants must maintain good track records in order to remain in the program.
3. Good citizenship
The third requirement for admittance into the program is "good citizenship". Participants must endorse and act in a manner consistent with the
, they must accept the terms and conditions of program participation, and they must contribute to the upkeep of the program by remaining in good standing as members, in terms of membership fees, profile data, and adherence with site and program rules and regulations.
An excerpt from the EN 15038 standard for quality in the translation industry
3.2.2 Professional competences of translators
Translators shall have at least the following competences.
a.Translating competence
b.Linguistic and textual competence in the source language and the target language
c.Research competence, information acquisition and processing
d.Cultural competence
e.Technical competence
The above competences should be acquired through one or more of the following:

  • formal higher education in translation (recognised degree);
  • equivalent qualification in any other subject plus a minimum of two years of documented experience in translating;
  • at least five years of documented professional experience in translating.

I would like to share my achievement with my peers and colleagues. I have been admitted to Certified PRO as a Translator for the language pair, English to Burmese on the 25th May 2011.

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Competence in source, target, and research, cultural and technical are some of the transnational ability. They should have business reliability, good citizenship. They should have formal higher education in translation. They need to have textual competence in the source language.
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