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The difference between RIP (rest in peace) and DBB (destined to a better being)

Posted on 18 January, 2020 at 4:05

The difference between RIP (rest in peace) and DBB (destined to a better being)
[A hilarious reading you would love to hate]
It has been a while looking at the Facebook contents in which many addicted to Facebook blokes around the world contributed nuisances and compliments; I have recently found out one thing that I would like to share with you guys. Somebody died unexpectedly one day. Wow, many addicted to Facebook blokes complimented as RIP in response to the milestone. “May he rest in peace. Deeply sorry! Condolences and blah blah...” Good on you guys. It's a polite way of conveying sympathy to the survivors, immediate family members, of the deceased.
If the one who dies is a Buddhist, RIP is not an appropriate way of conveying sympathy. Don’t you agree?
Okay, keep on reading. Your time will not be wasted.
RIP is in fact an abbreviation for Requiescat in pace in Latin, meaning rest in peace in English. It was mostly engraved on the tombs of Christians in the 18th century. The philosophy behind it might be that the soul of the dead is to get rest in peace without any disturbances, such as suffering in purgatory of Catholic concept, up until the Day of Judgment, mostly in Abrahamic religions. Gradually it became a custom or a tradition in most communities in the world.
In Buddhist philosophy the concept of the soul is not supported because there is no time for a soul to rest in peace. The philosophy behind this is that once a Buddhist dies the dead is subjected to immediate rebirth, even in a blink of an eye, to another bieng; different forms of being, some say even to a vegetable as well. The subject, in this form of another being,  is to experience never ending struggle called Dukkah, suffering, unless and until the subject librates itself,  by way of actions that qualify for good karma, from the cycle of rebirth called Samsara. The breaking of the cycle of rebirth can be defined as Nirvana, in which there is neither suffering, desire nor sense of self. This cycle is considered to be unsatisfactory and painful. Categories of suffering include many forms. Remember, To Love Somebody, a popular pop song sung by the famous American Pop Band, Bee Gees. Oh yeah. Love can be viewed as suffering too. Even unborn child could experience suffering, Dukkha.  In Abrahamic religions, God love all of us (See John 4:8).  Because of His great love for us God is suffering too.
“I have been poor and I have been rich. Rich is better!” Remember this Quote. They did not know what is suffering. For those you know what? For those people suffering tastes good all the time.
On that note, it would be better if you say "may he be destined to a better being" instead of RIP whenever you come across a Buddhist dead. If you say RIP, you know what could it mean to the dead? It could mean that you wish the dead to get stuck in limbo and could not get itself to transform into another being. There is no way out.  ‘No way out” is a great Hollywood movie, starring Kevin Costner and Gene Hackman. I do not mean this. What I mean is, no way out, being stranded in a limbo.
What do you think?
Please do not take it seriously. It is intended for a hilarious reading only.
By the way, why not people say “May he escape the cycle of rebirth, the ultimate salvation,” instead of saying “May he be destined to a better being.” A better being is not better any more.
Whatever being it would be, the so called being never escapes the never ending suffering. It could be something like eternal bliss of purgatory. Isn’t it?
What do you think?  Don’t take it seriously. I hope you would love to despise this writing, but hell is too crowded.
Oops! Heaven can wait. Remember, no tears in heaven. Everything will be fine. Eric Clapton made a good point but I don’t belong here in heaven, poor me.
Do you know our universe is expanding with a tremendous speed rate of 72 kilometers per second per mega parsec- roughly 3.3 million light years, much faster than the speed of light. The expansion may last forever but when it ceases to expand, it would probably retract to the starting point, where it began, the big bang, just like a bouncing ball to bounce back to its beginning point. At that moment you know what would happen? Something out of nothing will get back to nothing out of something again. Gone! All will be gone. No need to say RIP or whatsoever. No heaven, above us only the sky, no hell below us. Imagine! A great song a popular singer John Lennon sang this song. I am not the only one. Imagine.
What do you think? Don’t take it seriously. I hope you would love to despise this writing, but hell is too crowded.

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The phrase rest in peace and the acronym R.I.P. have migrated into secular use over the centuries, given Christianity’s extensive influence on secular Western culture. In funeral settings, rest in peace has a solemn tone appropriate to the occasion. Outside of burial ceremonies and gravestones, rest in peace has come to be used in obituaries and online to signify respect and well wishes for a beloved figure who died. The hashtag “#RIP” is commonly appended to social-media posts in which fans mourn the passing of public or private figures they admired while also celebrating their lives and impact.
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