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We have term or terminology or glossary in every sector or in every industry. A term or a glossary should not be translated directly, in other words it should not be converted from word to word. A glossary may be a single word or a group of words combined together to convey a meaning. If we are not sure the meaning of the glossary we can have a look at the explanation of the term or glossary. Some glossaries for sure have no equivalence in Burmese lexicon. In this case, we have to create glossaries in Burmese to reflect the original meaning of the glossaries but not to be translated from word to word. For example: Newstart Allowance. It is a glossary used in Australian Social Security Act, 1991 and the payment is paid through the Office of Centrelink to eligible unemployed person. Another word for this glossary is unemployment benefit. Section 593 of the Social Security Act, 1991 says:
Qualification for newstart allowance
             (1)  Subject to sections 596, 596A, 597 and 598, a person is qualified for a newstart allowance in respect of a period if:
                     (a)  the person satisfies the Secretary that:
                           (i) throughout the period the person is unemployed; or….

In Centrelink terms and definitions, it says payment paid to people who are considered to be unemployed, capable of undertaking, available for and actively seeking work or temporarily incapacitated for work.
So the meaning is clear, it is a payment paid to an unemployed person. When we create a glossary in Burmese we have to make sure that the original meaning conveys in our Burmese glossary. It should not be converted from word to word, for example, newstart allowance should not be translated in Burmese as 'initial allowance' or 'initial benefit'. It should be translated in Burmese as 'payment or allowance paid to unemployed person or a person who is actively looking for work'.
Another example is Family Tax Benefit (FTB). The meaning of FTB is, according to Centrelink Terms and Definitions, payments to help families with the cost of raising children. It should not be translated in Burmese as ' relief or concession in meeting tax obligation'.
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